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“Our mission is to improve lives by improving sight”

Essilor creates innovative optical lens solutions tailored to improve an individual's vision as well as meet their lifestyle needs. Each lens is bespoke to you. As well as creative thinking, Essilor is a sustainable and fair brand. They believe in a sustainable future where everyone has access to eye care services and good vision. Since 2013, Essilor has dedicated a special focus on 2.5bn people who remain uncorrected due to the lack of eye care resources in their area.  

Essilor is an advanced optical brand with a fair brand ethos. We stock a variety of their best lenses at Fashion Eyewear. You can add these to a frame of your choice, whether optical or sun. 


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Do you need single vision or varifocal lenses?

Single Vision

Single vision lenses have one prescription power across the whole lens. They are a solution for refractive errors such as myopia or hypermetropia. If you need a lens for distance, reading or just for fashion use, you will need a single vision lens. Once you have chosen your lens thickness you will then be asked to pick an Essilor coating. We highly recommend you add a coating to add the optimum optical quality and longevity to your eyewear. 


If you have more than one prescription and need a solution to help see a mix of distances; close, far and mid then a varifocal lens is for you. Your optician may also recommend varifocal lenses to correct your vision if you suffer from presbyopia. 

Essentially the Varifocal gradually combines all three prescription types in one lens, changing power from the top, middle to the bottom of the lens. This allows you to see all different vision zones in one pair of glasses as different parts of the lens are optimised for various distances. 

Essilor varifocal lenses include:

Choose a Varifocal lens that suits your lifestyle best and these can be added to any of your favourite fashion eyewear frames.

Varilux Liberty

Perfect for first-time wearers as it is easy to adapt to with a near maximised area for close up work. Gives you harmonious vision.

Varilux Comfort

Instant, sharp vision from day one, making the adaption a smooth transition. 

Varilux Physio

Gives you effortless vision even when on the move, giving you seamless transitions between near and far vision zones. It made with the highest technology to enjoy the sharpness of detail, wider field of vision and great contrast. 

Varilux X series 

Lenses made with no unnecessary head movements and struggle to find the sweet spot of the lenses. You can look through any part of the lens and experience enhanced vision. The best Varilux varifocal lens for sharpness and fluid vision when looking at something close to something far away. Your new lenses will keep up with your everyday needs.

Have you heard of Eyezen? 

This lens is great for people under 40 that use their mobile phone and digital screens excessively - the lens for modern-day life. 

A single vision lens that reduces and prevents eye strain for comfortable vision.
Improves posture as you can look through the whole lens clearly.
Sharp high-resolution vision.
Optimised for digital devices. 

This lens is not available on our website however if you would like the Essilor Eyezen then you can call us on +44 (0) 207 590 5500 and we can order it in for you. 

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Essilor Coatings 

Coatings are an important addition to both your varifocal or single vision lenses, not only for the most advanced optical quality and benefit to your eye health but also for longevity and durability. 

Crizal Easy UV

Crizal Sapphire UV

Crizal Prevencia

Transitions Signature GEN 8TM is available in 3 iconic colours, creating the perfect combination of frame and lenses. These are recommended for those looking for fast responsive technology of lenses that are clear indoor and tinted when they go out in the sun. Excellent technology that protects your eyes from harmless blue-violet light and adapts to surrounding light conditions, giving more comfortable vision.

Transitions XTRActive give you superior visual comfort, indoors, outdoors and even in the car.  Constant protection from harmful light as the lens has a subtle indoor tint that attenuates the harshness of modern lighting.


Choosing a pair from our sunglasses range, the availability of tints are endless. Have a look at our full tints, graduated, polarised and mirror tints all offered by Essilor.

Struggling to understand Lens index?

Which lens thickness is right for you? Generally, your prescription determines whether you have a thick or thin lens, which is also represented as an index number.

As a general rule; the standard 1.5 is usually good for a fully rimmed frame and low prescription, although if you have a higher prescription or a rimless frame we recommend purchasing a thinner lens from 1.6.




• Standard plastic lens


• Most suited to low prescriptions


• Not suited to half/rimless frames


• Lightweight yet strong and durable


• 100% UVB protection and 90% UVA protection




• Up to 35% thinner and 40% lighter than standard lenses


• Suitable for low and mid-range prescriptions


• 100% UV protection


• Suitable for rimless frames


• Most suited for mid-range prescriptions




• Up to 45% thinner and 45% lighter than standard lenses


• Suitable for mid and high range prescriptions


• 100% UV protection


• Suitable for rimless frames




• Up to 60% thinner than standard lenses


• Ideal for high prescriptions


• 100% UV protection


• Ensures greatest comfort and appearance


• Not suitable for rimless frames