Aviator Glasses

Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses, with their iconic teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frames, have transcended their origins in aviation to become a timeless and versatile eyewear staple. Characterised by a blend of functionality and style, aviator glasses and sunglasses offer a classic and effortlessly cool aesthetic suitable for various occasions.

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      368 products

      368 products

      Aviator Glasses

      An eyewear staple with a timeless design. Also known as pilot frames, aviator glasses are instantly-recognisable. Injecting a bit of vintage style to your look, these frames can be striking, soft, and anything in between. From everyday glasses with a twist, to polarised sunglasses straight out of the silver screen - find your perfect pair of aviator glasses here.

      Aviator prescription glasses

      Find aviator prescription glasses in different materials, colours, and styles right here. These glasses had a purely practical beginning, first created during World War II for pilots to protect their eyes from glare. Aviators feature a thin metal frame with a double bridge, and have teardrop-shaped, oversized lenses which fully cover the eyes. Today, they remain a firm favourite. Flattering on a range of facial shapes - particularly heart, oval, and heart - it’s easy to see why they’ve remained in style for so long.

      The men's collection

      Sported by well-loved action heroes in a roster of Hollywood movies, aviators are a great option for men looking for something that balances sophistication with flair. Explore designs in a range of metallic tones and premium materials from the best eyewear brands available.

      The women's collection

      Easy-to-wear aviators are a classic choice for many women. Discover designs with subtle details, slender frames, and unique geometric silhouettes. Play with contrast with tinted and polarised lenses, or step things up with chunky acetate frames.

      Choosing the right lenses

      Whether you’re looking for prescription, polarised, or photochromatic - choosing the right lenses for your aviators is a key decision to make. And it all depends on what you plan to use them for, and what sort of lifestyle you lead. If you need a little guidance, our lens packages are here to help, and detail everything we have available - from anti-reflection, scratch resistant coatings, and more. Want to combine your tinted and prescription lenses into a single pair of aviators? How about transition lenses? Whatever your choice, the results will be durable and crystal clear. We only work with trusted lens suppliers, so you can rest assured that your lenses will be of the highest quality.