Designer Glasses

Designer Glasses

Need a new pair of designer glasses? Choose your favourite style from the most luxurious brands in the eyewear industry, then add your premium prescription lenses in single vision or varifocal. We also provide affordable glasses and discounts on designer brands.

Save up to 50% on prescription lenses vs high street opticians.

Use code LENSES30 for 30% off prescription lenses and coatings.

      3164 products

      3164 products

      Designer Glasses

      Need a new pair of designer glasses? Turn heads with a sharp pair from our collection. Combine style with practicality with a pair of frames from the best designer brands. And how about designer or prescription sunglasses to complete the set? Buy spot-light stealing designer glasses online here.

      Designer prescription glasses

      Choose your favourite frame from the most luxurious brands in eyewear. Then add your premium prescription lenses, available in single vision or varifocal. Find styles from top designer brands like Ray Ban, Tom Ford, and Chanel.

      Choosing the right designer frames

      Unsure which designer frames will work best for you? There are a couple of things you can consider. Think about face shape, the colours you like, how often you’ll be using them, and importantly - which ones feel the most ‘you’. We guarantee we have the designer glasses you’re after right here.

      Our lens choices

      Our prescription glasses all have the highest quality lenses, all coming from our preferred suppliers. This includes Zeiss, Nikon, Essilor, Oakley and Ray-Ban. We offer different lens packages which gives you further choice on how thin and lightweight you would like your lenses to be.

      Photochromatic / Transitions lenses

      Looking for a pair of designer glasses that you can wear all-year round, even when it’s really sunny outside? How about opting for a pair of photochromatic transitions lenses? These lenses adjust from clear to tinted when you go into brighter spaces. Already designed with UV-protection, these lenses remove the need for sunglasses and are particularly suited for busy people who are on the go, as well as outdoor-lovers. We have a few different packages on offer, so take a look and see what will work best for you.

      Don't forget to add lens coatings

      We’ve got a whole range of lens coating to choose from when selecting your designer glasses. From standard lenses that come with an anti-reflection coating, to our UV protected and water repellent platinum-grade lenses. We’ve also got easy clean, smudge resistant, and warranty options to explore. For those of you looking for blue light lenses, we have this covered too. Simply put, there’s a wide range of lenses to choose from.