Designer Reading Glasses

Designer Reading Glasses

Read in style with our designer ready readers available in a range of powers: +1:00, +1:50, +2:00, +2:50, +3:00, +3:50!

      52 products

      52 products

      Designer Reading glasses

      See the world up close with a pair of our designer reading glasses. Whether you’re reading the morning paper, using your tablet, or checking out the menu options - designer reading glasses give you the magnification you need with the style you love. Our magnified lenses are available in a range of powers, including +1:00, +1:50, +2:00, +2:50, +3:00, and +3:50.

      Designer reading glasses

      Functionality and style go hand-in-hand with our designer reading glasses. No matter what you need them for, we have frames that we know you’ll love. Discover slim, colourful options from Burberry, to round, metallic models from Solo. Ideal to take out with you wherever you go, you won’t forget your reading glasses anymore with frames like these.

      The men's collection

      Discover reading glasses for men in classic, timeless designs that still bring personality. If you like to keep things simple, how about slim, rectangular frames - easy to slip on and off when you need them. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, go for an aviator style with contrasting end tips. Whatever your taste, we know we’ve got a pair you’ll love.

      The women's collection

      Reading glasses don’t just have to be practical - they can be an extension of your own personal style too. Our women’s reading glasses cover a wide range of sizes, widths, colours, and more. Think minimal frames with rounded edges, to bright designs that play with pattern and colour. They’re all here for you to take a look at.

      Our lens options

      Lens protection isn’t just for prescription glasses. Opt for specialist lens coatings with our lens packages and prolong the life of your reading glasses. From smudge and water repellent coatings, there’s a whole lot extra we can bring to your lenses. Using your reading glasses at the computer? How about adding blue light coating to help your eyes feel more comfortable.