Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Established in 1975 and headquartered in Southern California, Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world. Oakley is a culture of creators, inventors, idealists and scientists obsessed with using design and innovation to create products and experiences that inspire.

      61 products

      61 products

      Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

      The Oakley brand is fuelled by innovation; every frame is created according to their design philosophy, which is all about rejecting conventional ideas and delivering the unexpected. These high-performance prescription sunglasses are made for those who live by their own rules.

      Designer Eyewear for Sports
      Oakley sports sunglasses are designed to meet the challenges of an active modern lifestyle. The Oakley Sport and Oakley Active collections are suitable for all weather conditions, boasting a tough scratch-resistant design and 3-point grip. These sports sunglasses are created to offer superior comfort and excellent resilience while you focus on your own performance.
      Oakley uses High-Definition Optics (HDO®) technology to provide you with outstanding visual acuity and clarity. For sharper peripheral vision, Oakley True Digital™ lenses with Dual Peripheral Technology™ work without distorting the lenses or altering your prescription range.

      Sunglasses for Sports Stars and Celebs
      Some of the biggest sports stars and super-athletes have been seen wearing Oakley designs , and their sunglasses are popular with A-list Hollywood celebrities too.
      The brand has also launched numerous special edition sunglasses over the years, teaming up with renowned athletes to do so. Oakley worked with snowboarder Shaun White to create the Signature Series Holbrook , motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi for the Signature Series Frogskins and cyclist Mark Cavendish for the Signature Series Radar.

      Where to buy Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

      Oakley blends sports innovation, technology, comfort and function into one superior package.
      Choose your Oakley Sport, Active or Lifestyle frames and our qualified in-house opticians will fit them with custom sunglass lenses to match your prescription. We also offer Oakley prescription glasses for everyday wear.
      Single Vision and Varifocal/Progressive Authentics
      For Oakley Sunglasses Authentic prescription lenses you can choose from:
      Oakley Clear
      Using freeform technology, Oakley clear lenses are digitally optimised point by point on the back surface to provide high definition vision, greater clarity and a wider field of vision.
      Oakley Prizm
      The Oakley Prizm is a revolutionary lens technology grounded in decades of research to engineer fine-tuned vision and optimise contrast.
      Oakley HD Polarised
      This HD lens is designed for superior optical performance. It blocks 99% of reflecting glare, minimising eye strain and improving the depth of perception.
      For more on Oakley HD Polarised click here
      Oakley Iridium
      A lens with a coating that reflects light through a special metal oxide formula, designed to give a unique aesthetic while reflecting certain colours to provide a balanced light transmission.
      For more on Oakley Iridium click here
      Oakley Non-Iridium
      Digitally optimised point by point on the back surface to help provide high definition vision.
      For more on Oakley Non-Iridium click here
      Oakley Transitions
      Oakley transitions are the best everyday light intelligent lenses, giving a unique look due to the metal oxide coating. Ideal for people who often go from indoors to outdoors.
      After choosing your lens tints.
      A cyclist’s head position and visual environment create unique optical demands that are not met by standard progressive sun lenses. The Oakley cycling lens is designed exactly to meet cyclists’ requirements.
      The Oakley cycling pal lens includes:
      Electric Zone - A focused cycling-specific near zone allows the rider a clear view of the bike computer.
      Road Zone - A cycling-specific intermediate zone provides a sharp vision to help the rider see obstacles on the road.
      Riding Zone - A cycling-specific distance zone, up to 20 degrees, above the fitting cross, provides sharp vision at a rider’s natural head position: chin down, eyes rotated up.
      Oakley has perfected the lenses for optical quality while fishing. Using proprietary technology, Oakley delivers a progressive lens specifically designed for fishing.
      Baiting Zone - A wide fishing-specific near vision zone makes baiting easier for the large variety of fishing demands.
      Fishing Zone - A fishing-specific intermediate vision zone allows the fisherman to fish with a more natural head posture.
      Casting Zone - A wide fishing-specific far vision delivers crisp providing the details to scan, cast and spot fish.
      Oakley has delivered a progressive lens specifically designed for golf, including:
      Scorecard - A golf-specific near vision zone allows the golfer to clearly see the scorecard.
      Putting zone - A long and even gold- specific intermediate vision zone allows the golfer to hit the ball with a more natural head posture.
      Fairway zone - A wide golf-specific distance vision zone, delivers crisp vision above the fitting point allowing the golfer to easily follow the ball down the fairway.
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