Prescription Glasses Buying Guide

You may be thinking that purchasing glasses online will be a complex process, however at Fashion Eyewear we make the process easier, more convenient and more affordable than buying in-store. We know that buying prescription eyewear online may be a little daunting at first, so to help, we have written a guide on how to buy prescription eyewear at Fashion Eyewear in just a few steps. 

Wearing glasses is an opportunity to make a fashion statement. Today, it’s easy to order fashionable, trendy and branded prescription glasses online, all you need is the correct information from an optician.

Our complete lens buying guide takes you through the process and answers questions you might have around how to order prescription lenses online. From choosing fashionable men’s and women’s frames to what information you need to order your glasses online, this guide is a hub of useful information.

What do I need to order prescription lenses?

Before you can order prescription lenses online, you must get an eye exam from a professional optician as you’ll need this information for your lenses. If you already have one, you have to check that the prescription is in date. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to select the right lenses and order prescription glasses online.

Furthermore we would also require your Pupillary Distance.

'PD' or Pupil Distance is the distance between your pupils in millimetres. This measurement is needed when prescription lenses are being mounted in your optical frames. The average being 63mm, common PD's range from 57mm to 68mm.

If this measurement is not correctly taken then it can cause blurred vision and/or headaches, as this dictates where the lens should be in relation to your eyes. It needs to be in front and centre of your pupils in order to minimise any distortion.

We would recommend trying to get an optician to measure this as this is very important and we can not make the glasses without this. If you can't get it from your optician please see the information below.

We recommend using the 'Glasses On' Smartphone App.



Alternatively you can use the Fashion Eyewear 'Measure my PD' tool:

If you do not have a smartphone or are having issues using the tool the easiest way to measure is to use an old pair of glasses and a non-permanent marking pen.

Wearing the glasses stand in front of the mirror, start by covering your left eye with your hand and looking straight ahead place a dot on the lens where the middle of your right eye pupil is. Then cover the right eye and do the same for the left. Once you have the dots take a step back from the mirror - when looking into the mirror at a distance of about 1 meter the dots should line up with your pupils.

Once you are happy with the placement of the dots use a ruler to measure the distance between the dots - this measurement is your PD.

Frame Selection

Fashion Eyewear supply glasses and sunglasses from finest brands including Celine, CHANEL, Cartier, Gucci, Tom Ford, Prada, Ray-Ban and Miu Miu.

Having the right lenses is crucial for perfect vision, but frames is where you make a fashion statement. Your glasses are an investment you’ll potentially be wearing every day for several years. So, it makes sense to splash out to find the best style for you, such as:

  • Aviators – a distinctive design that normally has a reflective tint on the lens.
  • Butterfly – a larger, square frame with rounded edges and slightly wider in the middle.
  • Cat eye – a square frame with the top points resembling the shape of a cat eye
  • Wayfarer – a timelessly trendy, square shaped frame.

Frames are where you make a fashion statement and on the whole, we are able to fit the majority of prescription lenses into most frames. However there are certain styles of frames that would be more optimal for a higher prescription. If your prescription has a sphere (SPH) that is a higher minus than -3.75, or a cylinder (CYL) with a higher minus than -2.00, then a frame size of under 52 would be more suitable. 

In addition choosing a frame that is nonmetal would be more suitable for a high prescription. Metal frames tend to be quite thin, so with a high minus prescription, the edges of the lenses would be the thickest point. An acetate (plastic) frame is more suited to a thicker lens. However if there is a metal frame you love, we can still make the lenses of a high prescription, As long as you select thin, thinner or thinnest lens option.

Choose Your Prescription Type

When you have selected the frame that you want, you are then able to choose prescription lens type. The lenses are the most important part of your vision. While it largely depends on your lens prescription, there are different types of lenses for glasses available, when you choose to add a prescription, you will be presented with six lens options. 

 Choose the type of lens that would best suit your lifestyle or application.

  • Single Vision - Distance - Lenses with one prescription for distance use eg. driving or general use.
  • Single vision - Reading -  Lenses with one prescription for reading use eg. reading a book or using a computer  
  • Varifocal / Progressive - Lenses that include distance, intermediate and reading in one lens. There is a gradual change in prescription from distance vision at the top to near vision at the bottom. These are best suited for everyday general use (only choose if your prescription has an addition/ Add / reading prescription). 
  • Occupational/Office - Lenses that have an intermediate and reading prescription only. These lenses are optimised for an office environment eg. for looking at your computer and your desk. (only choose if your prescription has an addition/ Add / reading prescription).
  • Ready Reader - Both lenses with the same + SPH. Best used for emergency/backup glasses.    
  • Non Prescription - If you want the frame only or if you want to add a coating, such as a blue light filter, to non-prescription lenses.

    Add Your Prescription

    When you select the lens type that would be best suited to your needs, you will then need to provide your prescription information. There are three ways you can go about doing this. 

     'Upload your prescription'. You can upload a copy/photo of your prescription. Make sure that all the information is included and is not distorted. Please note that once our in-house opticians have checked your prescription, if the SPH value is over, CYL values are over 2.0, or any prizm, there might be additional charges.

    'Enter your prescription manually'. If you choose to enter your prescription manually, please make sure that the values you have entered are correct compared to your prescription. Also ensure that the SHP and CYL have the correct + or - values that are shown on your prescription.

    'Email your prescription later'. We recommend this option if you are unsure about any detail of your prescription. Please feel free to send us your prescription along with any questions you may have - or alternative speak to one of our opticians.

    Choose Your Lenses

    As we cater for all your lifestyle needs, after inputting/uploading your prescription, you will be able to choose if you would like to have clear lenses or make up some sunglasses.  

    • Clear – No tint, regular lenses, available in a variety of thicknesses and coatings.
    • Sunglass lenses – these full UVA/UVB protected lenses. Available in a variety of different tints.
    • Polarised Sunglasses - has additional layers to filter out more UV rays and reduce additional glare. 

    Once the choice has been made, you will be able to choose the brand of lens you would like to go for. There will be different lens brands options available depending on the frame of your choosing. We have our own Fashion Eyewear lenses 'Optician Recommended Packages', which we offer different lens packages, designed by our opticians.

    Alternatively, if you know what you need you can select the 'Build your own lenses'. Additionally you can choose from our top-quality lens suppliers Ziess and Essilor.

    If you choose frames from Rayban, Oakley, Bolle, Serengeti or Maui Jim, you will have the option to choose one of their own authentic brand lenses.  

    Optician Recommendation Packages

    These packages are designed by our opticians so that the process of choosing your lenses is an easier experience. These packages apply to our FE Single vision distance, FE Single vision reading and FE Varifocal lenses. 

    • Bronze Package - Standard thickness (1.5 index) : Scratch resistant, Anti reflection. Our Optician says "An affordable everyday lens package". Suitable for standard but not complex prescriptions.
    • Thin & Light (1.6 index) : Scratch resistant, Anti reflection, UV protection, Easy to clean. Our optician says "A superior lens with excellent coatings." Recommended for standard prescriptions.
    • Thinner & Lighter (1.67 index) : Scratch resistant, Anti reflection, UV protection, Easy clean, Smudge resistant, Water repellent. This is our most popular package. Our optician says "Offer highest quality and great value". Recommended for all prescriptions.
    • Thinnest & Lightest (1.74 index) : Scratch resistant, Anti reflection, UV protection, Easy clean, Smudge resistant, Water repellent, 18 months warranty. Our optician says "Our top of the range package offering best in class lens technology combined with the best available coatings". Recommended for the thinnest and lighter lenses with the best coatings.

     What are the coatings and thickness for lenses?

    When building your own lens, with either the FE lenses or other brands, you will be presented with lens thickness and coating options. You can make lenses that are tailored to your needs and prescription.

    • Standard - 1.5 index, not suitable for rimless frames.
    • Thin - 1.6 index, 35% thinner and 40% lighter than standard lenses. Suitable for low to medium prescriptions and for all frames.
    • Thinner - 1.67 index, Up to 45% thinner and 45% lighter than standard lenses. Suitable for medium to high prescriptions and most frames
    • Thinnest - 1.74 index, Up to 60% thinner. Ideal for high prescriptions. Not suitable for rimless frames.

    • Anti-Scratch/Anti-Glare - This lens has a scratch resistant and a anti-reflection/anti-glare coating
    • Premium – Scratch and smudge resistant with anti reflection coating.
    • Elite – super hydrophobic anti reflection coating.
    • Blue computer coating – This is the Premium coating with an additional blue coating which helps with screen usage fatigue.

    Light-sensitive lenses are ideal if you don’t like swapping between your normal glasses and sunglasses. They darken automatically, in response to bright light like the sun and lighten again when the light levels decrease. We use the latest technology from all the lens brands we supply.


      If you need any advice about your prescriptions or which lens is right for you, contact our in-house optician via telephone, email or chat.