Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses are celebrated for their innovative and contemporary design aesthetics. Many Tom Ford sunglasses and glasses feature the iconic T-bar detailing on the temple, adding a touch of sophistication and recognition to the frames.

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      115 products

      115 products


      Embodying cool confidence and allure, Tom Ford sunglasses encapsulate the brand's bold and provocative essence. Explore eyewear that makes a statement, combining seductive charm with luxurious design. Immerse yourself in daring frames that reflect the opulence of this iconic fashion label.

      Tom Ford Prescription Sunglasses

      Our selection of Tom Ford sunglasses offers a seamless integration of precision prescription lenses. Elevating the standard of eyewear, our prescription lenses not only enhance your vision but also reflect your unique style. The options are as diverse as your needs, whether you require single-vision lenses for distance or reading, varifocal/progressive lenses for multifocal correction, or specialty lenses for enhanced clarity.


      Shop our collection of Tom Ford sunglasses for men to find. Channel Bond in the retro-inspired Henry Wayfarers (as seen on Daniel Craig) or embrace a more contemporary style in some Philippe frames, featuring a metal 'T' logo decoration. Choosing a pair of Tom Ford men's sunglasses is not just a style statement, it's evidence of your appreciation for the finer things in life.


      Our Tom Ford sunglasses for women offer a range of silhouettes and unique colourways, from classic black and tortoiseshell to vibrant hues and gradient tones. Drawn to the bold geometric lines of the Sabrina or prefer the vintage allure of the Izzi cat-eye sunglasses? Shop the full collection of Tom Ford women's sunglasses now.