Womens Glasses

Womens Glasses

Crafted by renowned fashion houses and designers, our collection of womens glasses are a celebration of creativity, sophistication and attention to detail. You can also explore our curated selection of women's sunglasses, where each pair is a fusion of fashion and function. Shopping for him? Check out our men's designer glasses and sunglasses, where the same commitment to quality, style, and attention to detail awaits.

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      1338 products

      1338 products

      Designer Glasses For Women

      Elevate your look with a pair of our designer glasses for women. Combining cutting-edge style with practicality, find designs from your very favourite designer brands. Discover fashion glasses for women that express your personal style just the way you like it.

      Women's designer glasses

      Celine, Cartier, Gucci, Dior - we have the very best designer glasses frames for women right here. Opt for opticals with classic, slim frames, or turn heads with a chunky, geometric pair. Play with colour and design with our wide variety of shades, hues and patterns. Planning to have fun in the sun (or wherever it’s bright)? Browse through our edit of women’s designer sunglasses to complete your eyewear wardrobe. Want to see what else is on offer? Take a peak at our men’s, unisex, and kids collections.

      Choosing the right designer glasses frames

      When it comes to choosing a new pair of glasses, it’s all about considering how you’ll be using them, as well as what types of designs spark your interest. For glasses you’ll be wearing from morning-to-night, you’ll want something durable as well as stylish. For a pair you’ll need for going to the cinema or catching up on social media, go for something memorable that’ll remind you to pop them on. And of course, there’s your own sense of style - a key component in making the choosing a new pair of glasses frames.

      Our lens choices

      Not only are the frames important when it comes to a new pair of specs - you’ve got to get the lenses right too. We only work with the best lens suppliers, so you can expect longevity and durability as standard. However, we have a few more cards up our sleeve with our lenses - keep reading to find out more.

      Photochromatic/transitions lenses

      If you want to forgo a pair of sunglasses and stick to a single pair of glasses, consider going for photochromic lenses. Sensitive and reactive to changes in light, these lenses will turn darker when exposed to bright light, and return to clear in regular light settings. Find out more about how transition lenses can help you and your overall eye health.

      Don't forget to add lens coatings

      Even with the best of intentions, our glasses can go through quite a lot - from being carted around in different bags to being propped up on our heads. Give your lenses another level of protection with one of our lens packages. From water repellency, to scratch resistance, prolong the longevity of your specs with our specialist coatings.