Norland Sunlit Herbal Essence Toothpaste

Norland Sunlit Herbal Essence Toothpaste is a specialty toothpaste which effectively surpresses pathogens.

Norland Herbal Toothpaste is FDA Approved.


✔ Permanent cure for mouth odour or bad breath.
✔ Helps strengthens and protects the teeth against decay.
✔ Helps treat toothache, bleeding gum. Strenghten and protects the gum.
✔ Helps to treat all teeth infections and very good for mouth ulcer healing.
✔ Contains anti-pain properties. Helpful for inflammation and pains.
✔ Helps to safely remove plaque with brushing.
✔ Helps remove stains that have formed on teeth.
✔ You won’t remove any of your tooth once you start using the toothpaste.
✔ NORLAND toothpaste is the best for children.

And do much more.


✔ Proprietary Formula
✔Selected natural herbal essence, with completely herbal medicinal ingredients such as Ginseng root etc.
✔ Fluoride free, Preservative free, keeps the active state of the natural ingredients in the toothpaste.
✔ Perfect Combination of Medicine & Plants
✔ Oat dietary fiber, effectively clears residue in gums, and keeps them healthy.
✔ The precious herbal medicine, ginseng root power is efficient in removing stasis, decreasing swelling and alleviating pain, and its reputed as the ‘immortal grass’
✔ The scutellaria root power, a widely known herbal medicine, can effectively maintain gum health, and reduce the oral.

Norland’s Sunlit Herbal Essence is vital overall Oral Health Balance.

Please do away with all the chemical toothpastes in the market and embrace our Norland tooth paste for your own good.

How To Place Order:

  • Price: N2,000 N1,500 only.
  • Delivery Date: Same Day or Next Day For Orders Within Lagos. Meanwhile, Orders Outside Lagos Takes 2 – 3 Working Days.

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  1. Send your name, delivery address, phone number and the number of packs needed to 08143517464
  2. After that, we shall call you to confirm your order.
  3. Finally, we shall send your product to you.

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