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Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis

What is Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis?

NORLAND GINSENG CORDYCEPS SINENSIS is a herbal supplement for effective and permanent treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and other discomfort in human body.


GINSENG CORDYCEPS SINENSIS Treats stubborn Staphylococcus, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Vaginal itching, Vaginal discharge,Vaginitis, (Bacterial Vaginosis) weak erection ,Quick ejaculation,Sexual transmitted disease naturally without chemical orthodox drugs that lures you to keep treating infection monthly.




The most impressive health benefits of ginseng include its ability to stimulate the mind, increase energy, soothe inflammation, prevent cancer, reduce stress, and prevent aging. It also helps increase sexual potency, weight loss, manage diabetes, ease menstrual discomfort, boost hair health, and protect the skin.

What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is actually a broad term that incorporates nearly a dozen different species of plants belonging to the Panax genus. This highly valued plant, which has large fleshy roots is typically found in North America and certain cooler areas of Asia. The light-colored, fleshy root is the most medicinally valuable element of the plant and can be purchased in dried, whole, or sliced form. The green, oval leaves of ginseng are used on a far more limited basis, but they do have some uses.Ginseng root can be consumed orally, or it can be included in supplements, energy drinks, beverages, teas, and other forms.

Health Benefits of Ginseng:

Increased Energy
Improves Cognitive Ability
Reduces Alcohol Toxicity
Relieves Stress
Anti-Inflammatory effects.
Treats Erectile Dysfunction
Perfect in treating premature ejaculation.
Treats Menstrual Discomfort
Improves Lung Function
Prevents Cancer.
Lowers Blood Sugar Levels.
Improves Hair Health
Boosts Heart Health.
Lowers Cholesterol.

2. Cordyceps Sinensis:

The unique, amazing cordyceps mushroom made international headlines after Chinese runners broke two world records by unbelievably huge margins at the Asian Games in 1993. It seems the secret to their remarkable athletic performances was the so-called caterpillar fungus − cordyceps. As it turns out, cordyceps mushroom (known scientifically as Cordyceps sinensis) has been used in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine since at least the 15th Century. An extremely rare combination of a caterpillar and a fungus, it is found at altitudes above 4,500 meters (over 14,000 feet) in the Himalayas, on the Tibetan plateau, and at other high-altitude locations worldwide.In Tibet this fungus is known as yartsa gunbu, or “summer grass, winter worm.” It was initially identified when local herders observed that yak, goat, and sheep that ate cordyceps while grazing became very strong and stout. This observation led to a deeper examination and eventual understanding of its many uses and benefits.Even today, traditional healers in many East Asian cultures recommend cordyceps as a tonic and claim that it supports greater levels of energy, appetite, stamina, libido, and endurance, along with improving sleeping patterns.

Cordyceps Health Benefits:

Helping to manage blood sugar level.
Supporting heart health.
Supporting Kidney health
Boosting the Immune system
Maintaining libido.
Helping to combat fatigue.
Treats sexual dysfunction.
Detoxifies the body.

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