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Kuding Tea

What is Kuding Tea?

Kuding, is a type of plant that grows in China. The tea is also often referred to as Needle Kuding as the flat leaves are often rolled into needle like shapes.

Kuding Tea Benefits:

Skin & Aging

Kuding can protect skin cells, collagen and elastin.

Weight loss

Kuding can alleviate obesity and high cholesterol.

Kuding Tea and Liver

Kuding tea polysaccharides can be beneficial for the liver. it can alleviate liver injury and vascular endothelial dysfunction.

Kuding Tea and Ulcer

kuding has preventive effects against stomach injuries.

Diabetes, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Kuding tea contains beneficial components including amino acids, polyphenols, flavonoids, zinc and several vitamins. It can help reduce high blood sugar (diabetes), high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Acne & Bad Breath

Besides, kuding’s anti-bacterial properties also makes it a popular and effective herb against acne and bad breath.


This herb can sometimes also help to improve fertility but this will depend on individual conditions.
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