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Permanent Cure For Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation & Weak Erection

Discover How I SUPERCHARGE my Sexual Performance and Was Able To Go From 2mins to over 30mins in Bed after suffering from weak erection and premature ejaculation 6yrs after my marriage.

Give Almost Any Woman Multiple DEEP Orgasms All Night Long… Using This Solution I want to show you!!!

This Solution Helps to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, manage sexual dysfunction in men and also Boost immune system.

So, it is suitable for men with diabetes and high blood pressure. so there’s no problem.

100% healthy…

As a matter of fact, this product was produced to save men who can’t last longer. 

Anyway, my condition was so bad that many a times, I ejaculated even before entering. I used to last only 2 minutes sometimes, i c.u.m before PENETRATING HER HONEY POT. 

Here’s The Solution I am talking about…

Here is The Solution That I used to supercharge my sex life. Despite my little health challenges, with the help of this solution, I’m still able to give my woman what she yarns for.

This great product I am talking about contains two main ingredient which is called Ginseng and Cordyceps Sinensis. To make you understand better how this solution will help you, then I will have to elaborate it effectiveness in the body and how each one of them goes a long way in helping you.

First of all, let’s look at the Benefits of Ginseng

This Ginseng is a Unique Nutritional Package that helps Men maintain an Healthy Sexual Lifestyle and also help maintain Prostate Health.

Ginseng is said to enhance sexual pleasure because of its action on the sexual and reproductive organs as well as the prostate health.

The Ginseng component in this solution:

·       Helps Male impotence and erectile dysfunction​


·       Increase sexual stimulation and arousal in men

·       Good for Fertility

·       Increase sperm count and motility

·       Helps Maintain Healthy Prostate Health

·       Helps cleans Urinary system of Infections


·       Helps Increases Energy, stamina, vitality and endurance.


This ginseng plant which is used in the formulation of this solution has long been regarded as one of nature’s super sexual energizer foods as it’s is fondly called the fountain of youth because of its properties that enhance sexual activeness and its rejuvenation (anti-aging) properties, it has many uses but is perhaps most often recommended to men with premature ejaculation, lack of sexual stamina, low libido, low sperm count, infertility problem and women experiencing low libido, menopause, menstrual cramps and fertility problems.


It’s also rich source of protein, contains numerous valuable amino acids and b vitamins and as a result has many applications (aside from those already mentioned). Ginseng has similarly been found to have remarkable anti-aging, energizing and reproduction effects on humans and it has been used in natural supplements to aid long life and enhance fertility for many years. Ginseng is believed to increase male sexual activeness and to increase energy. both of these changes together result in increased staying long, sex drive, stamina, sperm production and of course a reduction in fertility problems. Ginseng also assists women having issues with menstruation, low libido, menopause and fertility problems. It a super energy boost and great result, It also known to help with effective blood flow to all part of the body which helps sustain and maintain maximum erection and rejuvenation.


Ginseng is a super ingredient which repeatedly helps to:

·       1) It helps with Premature Ejaculation
·       2) it helps to increase libido and sex drive in men and women
·       3) it helps boost and increase sperm counts
·       4) it helps sustain and maintain maximum erection.
·       5) it helps increase stamina and energy levels
·       6) it helps you look younger than your age because of it Anti-Aging Properties.
·       7) it helps to take care of stress and take away Aging hormones in the body.
·       8) it helps with infertility problem in men and women
·       9) it helps with menopause issues and menstrual cramps in women.
·       10) it aids cell regeneration and tissue repair

Let’s Look at The Second Ingredient Which is called Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis are well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have been used for centuries to treat many health ailments. Cordyceps sinensis is a super dietary that is so potent that is refer to as a miracle molecule. a molecule is the smallest particle of a substance that retains all the properties of the substance.


It plays many important roles in the body as it provides a safe and balanced supplement that favourably lowers cholesterol and bad fat in the body and has also being referred to as a natural sexual enhancer because of its action on making people sexually active and all men that take Cordyceps sinensis their women complain of much activities on the maracana stadium (smiles).

By taking Cordyceps sinensis, it is very easy to reverse the deficiency thus reducing the risk of sexual dysfunction, loss of libidos, loss of sexual stamina, inability to sustain an erection, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.


Cordyceps sinensis is a dietary supplement and a product of  vegetable origin that lower cholesterol level in the blood and reduces the risk of heart attack and helping blood to flow adequately to all parts of the body that helps to sustain great erection and stays long during the action.


The most popularly known health benefits of this Cordyceps sinensis are:


1.    It improves sexual Function and Drives in Male and Female.


2.    it helps to increase stamina and energy in Men and women.

3.    it helps to rapidly build up sperm count in Men.

4.    it increases libido in Men.

5.    it helps the adequate circulation of blood to the extremities of the body that help in sustaining maximum Erection.

6.    it helps to reduce fatty tissues and unwanted fat.

7.    it is very good for reducing cholesterol level.

8.    Its regulates High Blood Pressure and reduce the risk of Heart Attack and Stroke.


9.    Good for cases of Eyes and Skin Disorders.


10. It Boost Exercise Performance, contains Anti-Aging Properties, helps to get rid of Type 2 Diabetes, Helps to fight bacteria and boost the immune system.


11.Good In problems associated with the memory, that helps with great sexual pleasure and feelings.


The combination of this two ingredient is one of the greatest product ever on earth which helps to fight against this problem.

Let me share a personal story with you…

When my wife Adaobi and I were young, our sex life was amazing. We were like newly weds. The entire first 6 years of our marriage. Really, my whole life was amazing. I saw what I want and I went after it. Nothing could stop me. That’s how I married Adaobi, and it’s how I got a great job.


But the year I turned 53, everything took a turn for the worse. I had less energy. Worst of all, my sexual performance started going down. My erections just weren’t as strong as they used to be. Talk about not feeling like a man. And I just didn’t get turned on like I used to. If my wife just wore tight jeans, I’d feel that excited stir in my manhood. But now I just didn’t get excited about sex like I used to.


It scared me. You don’t go from craving your wife’s body three times a day to feeling dead down there without knowing anything that’s wrong. And you can imagine what that did to my wife’s self-esteem. She thought that I didn’t love her, or didn’t find her attractive anymore. I was failing at my duty as a husband to make her feel loved.


Like every other woman, women love and adore a man that gives them mind blowing and satisfying SEX. We have been married for close to 6 years, and have been on the issue all the while – medical treatments, prayer houses, local solution… name them… all know our faces.


Anyway, my condition was so bad that many a times, I ejaculated even before entering.


I’ll be absolutely honest with you here; My wife is nice and understanding. A rare type and beautiful young woman in her early 30s, endowed with every good things of womanhood but sadly she has never enjoyed doing it with me.




Long story cut short, I found a solution through Dr. Ifeanyi…

Dr. Ifeanyi who works with NNPC Medical Center Benin City. He introduced the solution to lasting long in bed to me. He wanted me to sell it to the big executives in our office. He said the solution is been imported by his unit from USA, and been administered to top NNPC officials who have issues lasting long in bed. The only sad thing is that it’s not common in the market.


In rare cases you find it, then you should be ready to pay up to N45,000 for one bottle. Mind you, he never knew I was been ravaged by premature ejaculation then.


He only told me about it so I could introduce it to my colleagues at work, especially those rich ogas. He explained then that the solution rewires and renews the body system, then kills the foreign bodies responsible for making you ejaculate prematurely.


After about 6 times, Dr ifeanyi has been to our office. One fateful day, I summoned the courage to Open up to him that I was a victim of this so called problem of not lasting long in bed.


I told Dr. Ifeanyi my problems… He blamed me for keeping my problem from him;


So, I got the solution from him… I started using it and guess what?

  1. In a very short time I started seeing changes, me that used to last 1 to 2 minutes doubled to 15 minutes in the first month of taking the drugs
  2. The 2nd month, I doubled my bed room performance to 25mins and the last month since i got the 3 bottles, I was firing hard… I could go for 40mins without getting tired of the foreplay and all.  

I could finally go multiple rounds without getting tired and weak 

The solution like he calls it, works fine for me and for the few guys who had gotten it through me. The truth is… this works!

The solution works 100%… Today, I am a living testimony. So I bring to you today, This is the most powerful product for men who wants to be sexually active.


Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet 

This 100% Tested and Trusted Natural Solution with FDA (Food and Drugs Agency) with Food Production License No: SC11337050300025 Works wonder than you Expect to cure premature ejaculation, weak erection and Improve low sperm quality Without Side Effect.

This Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis supplement that has been having lots of wave amongst our well satisfied customer which actually worked great for me most especially when it comes to sexual energy and stamina while extending your ability to enjoy the activity you used to love.

I tell you when i started using this solution. It was then I realized how much I have been missing with the kind of energy I started to have. The answer comes from east and west; The eastern Asia and the western United States.

You will continue to have your woman smiling always because of your new found sexual energy… Plus you will be able to have a much stronger orgasm and thicker sperm that will make your woman want more of you.


This is the reason why even women recommend it to their male friends having seen the effect it has had with their own men.

Any woman that has seen their man sexual performance change simply as a result of having to use this Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet always recommend it to other women to give to their man and see the wonders of how they will begin to see a new side of the sexual part of their man.


Make sex last longer with Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet irrespective of your health changes. By taking this supplement, your pleasure during sex and finally reaching climax will be greatly enhanced.

You don’t need to suffer premature ejaculation any longer my dear friend. Get control of your sex life, and become a satisfied and satisfying lover now. Your decision now will determine your fate!

From Today You Are Sure of the Following…

·         No more SEXUAL WEAKNESS even if you are old.

·         Increases the interest in sexual activity naturally

·         Very useful remedy for loss of libido.

·         No more Premature Ejaculation.

·         No more embarrassment on bed.

·         No more damaged relations.

·         No more guilt.

·         No more emotional instability.

·         You will increase stamina, enhance performance, increase energy, confidence and maintains your sex drive.

Secondly before I forget, this same Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet has been known as a natural solution for weak erection solution, making you stay hard all through the sex period with no side effect.

This Products have seals including the Halal and Islamic seals as well. (These are Seals of highest form of purity). This product was even approved by FDA in The USA. So it’s an international power giver for men and women. A real energy booster. it helps to boost and improve sex drive. Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet is made up of strictly natural ingredients. This wonderful supplement helps to naturally improve the flow of blood in to the manhood which enhances sexual performance.

Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet has been having lots of wave amongst our well satisfied customers which actually worked great for me. Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet is a highly effective herbal blend which includes vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help maintain normal urinary flow, support optimal prostrate health and healthy testicular function.

It provides the much needed nutritional support that provides you a complete prostrate support. It also improves overall health of older men who are more prone to prostrate issues. Other benefit includes the maintaining of the immune system. Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet gives the confidence to enjoy a lifestyle which is free from male health issues.

Our products have been proven effective when taken as directed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet provides solutions to prostate enlargement for men…

Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet also have the following benefis.

  • It promotes prostrate health
  • It helps to maintain the urinary system.
  • It helps to maintain the reproductive system
  • It is antioxidant, NO Weaker Erection or you even c.u.m even before entering.
  • No More “I have the urge for it but when I want to, my thing will just fall”, all these will stop once you complete the treatment of this Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet.

This powerful combination gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day.

The AMAZING Thing!

You Can Henceforth Give Your Woman Addictive Sexual Pleasure and Confidently Feel Ten Times ‘Manlier’ Without Any Potential Side Effects Starting from TONIGHT!

Just Like Me Who Now last longer Confidently, from Being a 2 minute Man to over 20 Minutes Per Round In Bed and with the help of this solution, I now go from 1 round- 3 rounds without feeling weak or losing erection.

Now, I know you can’t wait to lay your hands on this GUARANTEED solutions…

I’m sorry for you if you leave this page without placing your order.

This product is not like other products you see online

This solution comes with money back guarantee, meaning if after using the recommended package and you dont see result we refund your money in full.

Yes you can read that again, that is how sure I am on this products

DOSAGE/How To Use: 2 tablets daily

So, how can you get it?

Well, you may be wondering… how much can this product goes for.

Here Is the Cost Of The Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet.

1 month Treatment: 1 bottle (60 tablets) goes for = 25,000 Naira.

2 months Treatment: 2 bottles (120 tablets) goes for = 48,000 Naira.

3 months Treatment: 3 bottles (180 tablets) goes for = 70,000 Naira.

The Most Recommended Treatment Package – The Most effective!

The Most Recommended Treatment Is the 2 Bottles OR The 3 Bottles.

If you can, Buy The 3 Bottles at once. I encourage you to order the 3 bottles because you’ll get the desired result with that and you won’t have to keep spending money on this again.

3 months’ treatment is the very BEST!

Meanwhile, within this 3 month of taking this Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet, you will notice so much energy within you and after the 3 month, you don’t need to keep taking the supplement to always get the result you want. Every result being given remains permanent.

Let me show you what people I’ve already helped have said about this Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet.

My name is Musa from Wukari (Taraba State). I got married in 2009 and from 2011 after we had our first child, I began to face serious issues with my wife, my wife was completely disappointed in me as I was not having any feelings at all for her. To worsen the whole matter, I could not get her pregnant again. After several test, the gynae said she was okay that I was having low count and low testosterone. I consulted several health professionals and was given several products. Nothing seemed to be working. Until a friend of mine introduced me to Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet and gave me their contact. I called one of their consultants and explained my problems to them and I was told to use 3 bottles of Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet for three months. To cut the long story short, in August 2017 my wife missed her period and in September ending, we both went to the hospital for a pregnancy test and behold, she was confirmed pregnant. Today, my marriage is restored and I can’t wait to see my second baby. Thank God for using your product to restore my marriage. All I sing now is “Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet”

Another testimony

“Immediate results in 60 days!” Hi , I just started using the Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet for about two months now and wanted to fill you in on my progress. In that period of time, I’ve had definite immediate gains in girth. After each session, my manhood feels heavy which feels great! I have gained about half an inch in “width”. This is all in just a little over a week My erection has been superb. So as of now there isn’t anything bad that I can say about this amazing solution. I can only say good things. Thank you guys for helping getting me on the path I want! 

John from Enugu

Yet another satisfied buyer

“It works fast and hard… very hard! It works fast and hard… very hard! During the first week there were no results, but after that I realized I had a firmer and stronger erection. Before, it would take some time to get an erection, but with Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet, my erection comes fast and hard, very hard..I now average 15-20 minutes on first round. Unlike most that have used, the Ginseng Cordyceps Tablet didn’t give me headache or any pains. Afeez, Ebonyi

I could fill up this page with unsolicited testimonials of people like you. As you have seen, this product works like crazy… this is your chance to dramatically change your sex life, your relationships, start performing at a high sexual level and satisfy your partner.

• If you have been using pills, sprays, or creams to deal with stubborn symptoms of premature ejaculation and now want to get rid of injurious sprays, creams and pills.

• If you are a nervous person and lose your control whenever you find woman close to you!

• If you want your woman worship you like god of sex and love.

• If your first sexual experience ended in quick ejaculation and consequently your sexual system assumed quick ejaculation pattern afterwards.


“From Two Minutes To 10 Minutes”

“I was not a bad premature ejaculator, yet I was not satisfied with my 2-minutes’ pleasure of penetration. I wanted to prolong it to at least 20 minutes. After taking 2 bottles of your recommended Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablets I was able to upgrade to 10 mins and more, unbelievable! I blessed the day I came in contact with you. Oga mike I am really grateful.”

Ukeme from Akwa Ibom State.

Testimony 2

“Sir, this drug works marvelously and it is still doing marvelous work in my body, I don’t feel fatigue any more, I now feel very active, all thanks to this wonderful herbal capsule, any one that does not believe this drug works is missing the benefits. God bless you.”

Blessing Noah (from Abuja)


“You Saved My Troubled Life”


“I have nothing to say except that this Herbal Drugs has saved my troubled marital life. My wife who seemed to be the most unhappy woman in the world; now, looks the happiest and considerate woman on the face of earth because now she does not feel betrayed in the middle, as I can now last for around 40 minutes”


Darlinton 38, From Abia State


“Sex Has Become My Addiction”


“My natural Stamina was one and half minute; however, your DRUGS (Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablets) have boosted it to 30MINS. Now sex with my girlfriend has become my total addiction and hers too. It was not like that before. I owe you millions of thanks.”


Bature From Lagos State

Testimonials Published With Customer Permission.

If you are an aspirant lover or caring husband, or someone who wants to live sexually proud life, you are more than welcome to get this to improve your sex life.

Now that you’ve seen how it worked for them, I want you to get yours so you can start using for great result.

Chat With Us If You Are Not In Nigeria… 


• Do not miss this opportunity as we have few units left and the demand just as you can see is much because it works as described

Note: One is a month treatment containing 60 capsule


Regular Price for ONE: #30,000

Today Promo Price for one : N25,000

Price for two Pack : N48,000

Price for three Pack: N70,000

(Payment On Delivery Nationwide)


You’ll get a confirmation immediately your order has been placed. Kindly wait to hear from us. You’ll surely be communicated shortly after. Orders are been processed after confirmation has been made. Hence, the courier person will call and delivery will be made to the preferred delivery address. It is payment on delivery. 

WARNINGS: Don’t transfer/ pay to anyone prior to you getting the product! Again, it is payment on delivery. Either payment by cash or transfer is acceptable. Depending on your location, delivery always take within 24-72hrs. If it will be longer than that, we’ll let you know. 


If you have any question or Clarification before you order, call the Customer Representative with the below Phone Number: 08146748317


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